Competence, resilience and integrity, are the traits that made us through successfully in our 30 year of involvement in the Middle East construction industry.

We went on about into providing façade solutions and other materials for internal applications over the years. We pride ourselves to have made a positive mark working with consultants and contractors alike. With our experience and partnership with the world’s well-established manufacturers of innovative products in Europe, we incorporate Kensller MRG LLC.

We’ll continue to remain at the forefront of façade-material fabrication, among others, adhering to the most stringent industry standards to ensure that we deliver quality at all time.

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Our Location

Our Partners


Who we are

We are a Fast-Growing regional partner of multinational companies and distributor of world’s leading manufacturers of technological systems and products. We work with leading customers throughout the UAE & Middle east regions.

Where we are

We are established in Dubai with more than 30 years experience in construction industry operations from our our location in Dubai, Jumeirah lake towers.

What we do

We specialize in customized fabrication of architectural mesh with a goal in changing and providing the material/product up to international standard in the Middle east, through commitment to innovation,  pioneering technology, best design and engineering excellence.


Kensller strives to leave a positive mark on the world through innovative design by providing a broad range of products of highest quality standards, services and solutions. We follow costumers from design stage, To choice of materials, and to the final finished Products.


We continuously upgrade our skills and technologies to remain in the forefront of stainless steel fabrication industry, and we adhere to the most stringent industry standard to ensure that we deliver quality at all time to every client, Irrespectively of their magnitude.


Kensller build solutions to meet the needs of professionals across a wide range of industries, We aspire to make things happen.


Our number one passion is mesh – we are experts when it comes to mesh applications and designs. We work with leading customers throughout the UAE & Middle East regions.


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